Our Ideas And Who We Are

The European EDI Network (in short „EEDIN“) was founded on January 15, 2018 by eight companies from nine European countries in Frankfurt am Main. The aim of the organization is to build or expand a network of small and medium sized EDI companies in order to cross country data exchange of business partners, expanding services and increasing the competitiveness of EEDIN members in the European and global markets.

EEDIN became an association under German law with seat in Frankfurt am Main on 1.10.2019. The board currently consists of Mr. Sergey Tumel, Belarus, and Mr. Thomas Hacker, Germany.

European EDI Network (EEDIN)
Eschersheimer Landstr. 42
60322 Frankfurt am Main
E-Mail: contact@eedin.eu

EDI Users, benefit now from the European EDI Network!

  • The EEDIN connects your international customers easily!
  • The EEDIN is a network of the most competent SME EDI providers.
  • The EEDIN can reach hundreds of large retailers, wholesalers, automotive companies and other big players.
  • The EEDIN is located in many European countries and growing day by day.
  • The EEDIN offers professional roaming and interconnect between all countries!
  • The EEDIN combines the advantages of the „little ones“, the individual customer care, with the advantages of the „big ones“ by forming a strong network.
  • All EEDIN members are certified high-quality companies!
  • All EEDIN members are full service EDI providers!

The EEDIN solution is revolutionary and unique! If you are looking for a perfect EDI provider, choose one of our members! Then you’ll automatically benefit from our strong network.

EDI providers, become part of our network!

If you are a small and medium sized EDI companies from a country you can’t find among our current members, and if you think you are the right partner for EEDIN, please don’t hesitate to contact the board: sergey.tumel@eedin.eu or thomas.hacker@eedin.eu

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