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AT - Austria

AT – Austria

map7 Consulting

The core business of map7 Consulting is flexible and individual process improvement. Since the company’s founding we have successfully completed many projects in the commercial, automotive and logistics sectors. Our focus is on data exchange between business partners (EDI /B2B) employing various ERP systems (SAP, SD, SHD, Wamas, Sherpa, etc.). We care about your EDI – B2B and EAI exchange processes and their automation. With cloud7-b2b and cloud7-erp, we also provide our own software products.

BE - Belgium

BE – Belgium


B2Bgrid is a Belgium based company specializing in EDI and B2B Integration and Communication. We are active in different sectors such as Retail, Logistics, etc.

Our Cloud-based Platform guarantees a swift and straightforward implementation. A personalized approach by our experienced staff members helps you to streamline your supply chain processes with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. Purchase Orders, Invoices, and other documents are exchanged automatic from within your back office applications.

BY - Belarus

BY – Belarus


MTT is the first EDI-provider in Belarus certified by the Government. The company is certified by the International Provider GS1 as the Solution Provider. EDI-system TOPBY is used by backbone retailers and suppliers in Belarus. MTT specialists were involved in projects of creation e-waybill, e-nvoices system).

MTT participates in the launch of the exchange of legally relevant documents between the member states of EAEU. MTT has EDI-roaming with leading providers EU and EAEU.

CH - Switzerland

CH – Switzerland


Cloosing the electronic loop with seemless business document transactions like orders or invoices including a corporate overlapping business workflow by using the ExxTainer-data-container-technology as Enterprise integrator, our USP. First applications since 2005 are “bizzTainer”, the Business-Data-Container and „SwissTainer“, the bizzTainer realised with Swiss EDI-Guides.

Leading corporations of large scale industry are customers of us. Of course we are well acquainted with the special requirements of EDI in Switzerland.

DE - Germany

DE – Germany


EDICENTER was founded in 1997. In the first years they did in-house EDI projects at customers, but in the year of 2000 they started with EDI as a service for monthly fee.

Today EDICENTER is solely an EDI service provider. Thomas Hacker, director and owner, says: „We run our own data centre, develop our own services and tools, and try to provide any EDI services companies require, if they use a standard or not. So we are today a very flexible any-to-any-conversion machine.“ That’s EDICENTER’s business today: to satisfy customers with any EDI solution they require!

DK - Denmark

DK – Denmark


Being a certified PEPPOL Access Point, iEDI is covering northern Europe with B2B and B2C large scale EDI solutions. iEDI specializes in customers that have international trade and uses a variety of EDI integration format and protocols.

Founded in Denmark in 2001, iEDI became famous due to the costless transaction principles and is still the far most agile EDI provider in Denmark after 20 years of business.

With subsidiaries in USA and Asia, iEDI is serving world-wide traffic for any needs.

Formats like EDIFACT, UBL, PEPPOL/BIS, Tradacom, ANSI x.12, OIOUBL, EHF, Svefakt and Finvoice are well known standards of the iEDI platform. Integrations are performed by API, JSON, XML or CSV files.

The full business suite of trade documents are supported and can be exchanged with partners through any protocol like AS2, FTP, FTS/s, SFTP, Odette, PEPPOL, AMQP and others.

iEDI is also the founder of the low cost iEDI.online platform that many Chinese companies are using.

EE - Estonia

EE – Estonia


Docura is an IT company that was established in 2015 in Estonia. Our staff has been creating and automating business systems for over 20 years and has worked with information systems of more than 500 enterprises in various industries in 5 countries. We chose business process automation as a matter of life many years ago and remain true to our choice. We believe that business process automation helps to release more time for valuable efforts. Our main solutions are product data management, electronic data interchange, workflow automation with logistics companies and information system integration.

FR - France

FR – France


Since 1982, EDICOT helps companies to define their EDI project and supports the integral management of the project, provides advice, assistance, training and installation of the recommended tools.

Thanks to its software, certified by GS1, companies have access to solutions tailored to their needs in dematerialization and data management by ensuring compliance with European legal obligations (invoice, delivery acknowledgement, etc.).

EDICOT has customer references in various business sectors such as administration, automotive and equipment manufacturers, retail, transport, etc.

HR - Croatia

HR – Croatia

Redok offers a quick, safe and simple electronic data interchange service that saves time and money, along with increasing productivity. However, we want to be more than just intermediaries in the whole process.

We always seek out simple solutions which will motivate our clients; make them faster, better and stronger in the things they do best.
Omnizon Networks helps you make the impossible possible.

HU - Hungary

HU – Hungary

Ediport Ltd.

Ediport Ltd. was founded in 1994, and is a leading EDI service provider in Hungary. Our market fields are automotive industry, wholesale, logistics and we are directly connected with the main players of these fields. Ediport’s EDI service represents an EDI solution that does not require investment in hardware or software from our clients. We convert EDI messages to the file format of existing ERP system at our customers. Our clients can manage their current and future EDI partners within a unified technical platform, according to a simple price structure.

LT - Lithuania

LT – Lithuania

Sistemų integracijos sprendimai.

SI - Slovenia

SI – Slovenia

See line ‚Croatia‘.

UK - United Kingdom

UK – United Kingdom

AdvanceFirst Technologies Ltd

AdvanceFirst Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services, Integration Software and Supply Chain Process automation solutions. UK Based, and using our global, Business Ready network, we have around 300 global clients covering 20 countries.

We aim for businesses to achieve the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and electronic trading sooner by making the technology of data exchange and integration significantly more accessible and easier to deploy. Our people have been involved in commercial EDI since its inception within the UK and the experience and skills that we offer and provide to our customers, we believe, are second to none.

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